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  1. Through To You

From the recording Sea of Tears - Digital Download

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I don't know how
I'm gonna get through to you
You've come a long way baby
But just look at you

Hiding away
From the rest of the world
Do you know it's okay
To feel what you feel

You run into shadows
Into your fractured parts
Terrified by the sorrows
Of your beautiful heart

You play and you hide
You trust and you run
But your wounds are too raw
To forget that there's a gun

I know you're afraid
Don't you know we're all afraid
But what sets us apart
Is our attempts to be brave

Don't ya dare give up
You're close, so very close
One foot in front of the other
Let's just see where all this goes

So much inside
Do you know who you are
Stop this game of pretend
And shine like a star