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  1. Tell Me

From the recording Sea of Tears - Digital Download

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I just want to be
Growing into me
I just want to see
This is all going somewhere
I just want to know
As the night is falling
A new day is dawning

Tell me things are gonna get better
The sun is gonna shine in its own sweet time
Tell me things are gonna get brighter
Hope will find a way, there's beauty that awaits

We all dream dreams
Some big, some small
Some buried as if not at all
Listen midst the noise
Beyond the glitter, the chaos, the toys
Don't be afraid
Your heart is aching
Hope is awakening

I spin, I twirl, I jump, I dive
I feel the joy of being alive
I risk it all, I soar, I fall
I cry, I flail, I try, I fail
I crash and burn, I live and learn
I give it up, I start, I stop
I pray, I moan, I fear, I hope
I can't give up, I can't give up
Blessing or a curse, I can't give up