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  1. Cried

From the recording Sea of Tears - Digital Download

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You're beautiful
And you're worth it
Don't ever forget it
Don't ever forget it

I cried outside your door
I cried and I cried, I tried and I tried
Hell, I even lied
But I failed you somehow
I couldn't protect you
But now I know the truth

I held you in my arms
Yes, I cared for you, I cared for you
Childhood games we shared, sunlight in your hair
Laughter filled the air and no it wasn't fair

I was not your savior and you were not the rescued
We were just pawns in this crazy game

I know the wounds you carry
I know they're dark and scary
Just know you're not alone, know you're not alone
The road is that much longer, you'll have to be much stronger
Just know my heart is breaking