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  1. Remember

From the recording Sea of Tears - Digital Download

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I have cried a million tears
A river of pain cleansing my soul
I have died a thousand deaths
Unspeakable grief and sorrows untold

How can I make sense of the chaos
How can this frail heart withstand this tidal wave of loss

A picture hard to capture through a child's eyes
The pieces of the puzzle are scattered by the lies
But what I hope to find as memories play hide and seek
Is me

Remember, remember who you are
Remember where you've been
Remember, remember what you lost
Remember what you gained
Remember, remember

I have lived a million days
Trying to forget, with numbness evade
I have tried a thousand ways
Hoping to escape the agony of pain

Sorrow has been my food, anguish the whole night long
Morning is coming soon and redemption will sing her song