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CD Release & Concert!!! 

It's here and it's beautiful and it's coming to a mailbox near you!

Thank you again for making this a reality.

Enjoy and SHARE like you learned in kindergarten!

Join us for a CD Release Concert November 18th!

To celebrate and as a way of saying thank you, we will be playing a very special show at the beautiful historic Fremont Abbey. Join us for a wonderful night of art, music and celebration. Jessica and band will be performing the music from her brand new album, and friend and talent Kelly Carpenter will join her for a double CD release party you won't want to miss!

You can get your tickets and all the deets at

Celebrate Good Times, Come On! 

Dreams do come true. Of course my “dream” was what others might see as a given. Most artists do record CDs (everyone but me, that is). My whole life I’ve heard, “Jessica, you really should make an album. We want your music.” But it has taken me almost 40 years of circling round the sun or the desert or what have you, like a Moses or perhaps someone who didn’t know herself very well or more compassionately, a perfectly timed late bloomer – to be here now – seeing my first album completed. And happy does not even begin to describe it.

And while the timing couldn’t be more predictably fated, just days away from my 40th birthday, I remain undaunted in my enthusiasm. I’m a big fan of extracting meaning out of both the significant and the mundane so all this makes perfect sense to me. The cliché may be inescapable, but Lordy, if it doesn’t feel AMAZING to be here! We did it people!

One thing is for sure – there is no way I could ever have accomplished this on my own. Today as I was recounting all the people who have made this possible, I was overcome with gratefulness for the kindnesses of both friends and strangers alike. Thanks to you, Sea of Tears is now being sent to mastering and then duplication and we will have a finished product soon and very soon.

Bottom line, we have so much to celebrate! This Friday night, I will turn 40 while I belt it out at the Triple Door Musicquarium Lounge. Yes, again destiny has a way of playing out. And as if the day was lacking commensurate fanfare, my friends are flying out a videographer to capture the night and create a music video! While I am not exactly thrilled to be entering a new decade, I am ecstatic to find myself living into my desire and doing the things that I once only dreamed about. So here’s to you! Here’s to me. Here’s to a finished album, turning 40 and the launch of a career!

Come join us if you can!
Triple Door Lounge, Sep 9th 5:30-8 pm

Last Chance-Happy Dance 

Kickstarter Campaign: Just 36 hours left to reserve your copy of debut album!

Well, we are stoked to let you know that this campaign is funded! And yes, we are doing the happy dance! Perhaps not quite as good as Elaine, but we are gettin' down! 

We are grateful and humbled by the generosity of so many to help make this dream a reality.

But it's not over til the phat (meaning superb) lady sings and there is no doubt I will be singing when this is all said and done! The kickstarter goal is lower than our actual costs and all proceeds over goal will go towards the release and marketing of this album. So we have 36 hours left to make one final push and get as much support for the album as we can!

You can forward the link to friends via email, facebook, and twitter and keep this project rolling! Just copy and paste this link into your status updates or emails:

Thank you for being a part -- let's do this!

Beautiful Things Take Time 

That’s what I keep telling myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This project has taken much longer than I anticipated; however, my producer assures me that this album, which has had ample time to breathe and to grow, will be well worth the wait. And now we are approaching the finish line. We only need $500 more to get the project mixed and mastered! And then we will go into the final fundraising phases of duplication and marketing of the album.

And momentum is growing. I will be at the Triple Door’s Musicquarium Lounge this Friday from 5:30 to 8 pm with a great little trio I pulled together. I am very excited for the chance to share my music with all of you Seattleites, and I am hoping that we can rally around this next final step and get the album finished up! So bring your friends and your neighbors and join me for Happy Hour this week! It should be a great time.

Beautiful things take time. And though this project may seem insignificant midst the sea of works out there, it is significant to me. It is my sweat and tears, my joy and my sorrow. And to me, the process alone has been poignantly beautiful.


We have the EP available in digital format! It is so fun to finally give you a sneak peak of what we've been up to. We are really proud of our efforts and hope that you can celebrate this milestone with us. The physical EP is in production and will be available in the new year. And the great news is that this EP is now exclusively available with all pre-sale donations towards the full album. Just go to my Music page to download. We only have to raise the final third of the funds in order to complete this project. So spread the news. Share the love. Share the music, and let's get this album wrapped up! 

The Good News About It's Never Too Late 

When people ask me what I’m up to lately, I notice that I find myself almost blushing and stuttering when I say that I am pursuing a music career. It sounds so pie in the sky, and I can read the slightly condescending, “Oh that’s nice, honey – but this is the real world” look on their faces. Doesn’t everyone want to make a go of it? What’s so special about you? I don’t know if this is actually what people are thinking or my own accusing doubts, but I feel painfully foolish at times. That said, there is a positive side to getting to your passions a little later in life (which I was going to cover in the last post, but decided it would be part ii on this topic).

For there is, in fact, some good news about the late bloomer syndrome. You see, what would have absolutely sidelined me in my twenties is now just a bit of discomfort. For one of the great things about getting older is that other people’s opinions have less power over me than they once did. At this point, I am determined to grow into my authentic self, and I have struggled, waited, and suffered far too much to let something little like what people think get in the way. Ultimately, I have to live with myself and my decisions, and so I’ve got to pursue my passions and just see where they take me. Sure, it may fly in the face of popular opinion, but if I’ve learned one thing, it is that I have to listen to my own intuition. That’s the only way I can see to get from a miserable existence of doing what everyone expects me to do to a life that I choose, create and love.

And so fellow late bloomers and wayfarers, there are many advantages to coming to this late in the game. We’ve waited so long to stumble upon our passions, that we will be less likely to blow it all up when we find success. We are more grounded and well rounded than we were a few years back. We have had time to develop ourselves and our personal lives. Yes, we may be new to this scene, but we do not come empty handed. We bring the value of all of our hard work and struggle, our varied experiences and learnings, and our successes and failures. We don't bring youthful arrogance; life has humbled us and we are infinitely more grateful for the blessings that do finally come our way. And most likely, our contribution will be much deeper and focused now than if we had come to this earlier in life.

For me, I know that I wouldn’t be making this particular album without the discovery, growth, and hardship that I have experienced over the past few years, and I am truly grateful to be coming upon this now. I know the timing is right. But it wasn’t and still isn’t easy to wrestle with desire and not to despair. So when our hopes, goals, and dreams are taking longer than expected, we shouldn’t discount the present – trusting that we will acquire the wisdom and experience to achieve the goals and dreams that perhaps we cannot even imagine today.


So this past weekend, I had the extraordinary opportunity to perform a house concert. And it was a very special one for me. This was the first time that I have played live with a cellist, which was everything that I thought it would be. And I also had the privilege of being backed up by some exquisite percussion and bass. It was so fun to see my songs come to life in such a great acoustic setting, and the entire night was a lovely, intimate affair. Appetizers, wine, candles, and some very special people. One of them being a therapist that has walked me through some of the very darkest times in my process. It had been over 5 years since we had last seen each other as I had moved out of the area, and it was especially meaningful to have him there.

This has been a long road for me. When I first connected with my story, with all of its sorrows and riches, I could not have imagined that it would have brought me into such a long season of waiting. Anything is doable for awhile, but as the years kept turning, I began to doubt that any beauty would rise up from the ashes. I was waiting, writing, aching, crying, yearning, hoping, praying, learning, healing, wrestling - struggling to get to the other side of my “dark night of the soul.” And so this night was kind of surreal for me. It was the convergence and culmination of so many things, and in some ways, an emergence. These songs, birthed out of the deep sorrow, desire, and hope of my own life, have rarely been performed, and I felt my own inner excitement and trepidation. Fortunately, it was an incredibly gracious group of people and such a privilege to share my music with those that so fiercely and tenderly hold the stories of others.

As the evening came to an end and people were sharing some wonderful things about the songs and the music, I felt myself quaking on the inside. I was emerging. I was trembling. I was wobbly. I could feel my fear. I could feel my bravery. I could feel my sorrow and my tremendous joy. I was here. I was breathing. I was present. I was very much alive. I was seen. I was known. I was terrified. I was grateful…so incredibly grateful for all of it…and for the emergence.

Capturing the Magic 

Well, it was another good, long, hard day in the studio. Though I have to admit, this time it felt far less glamorous, and much more demanding. It’s always a ton of work, but we had an incredible amount we needed to get accomplished that day, piano and drum tracks for 5 songs plus all the vocals. We started out with the instrumental tracks and tracked together. I did like the organic feel of doing it this way, and especially on a couple of songs, Justin and I felt like we came up with some really good feels. After hammering all the piano and drum tracks all afternoon, it was time to lay the vocals. My producer’s bragging about my vocal prowess with one and two takes from the last time in the studio became obsolete as I sweated it out in the vocal booth. This time, he knew what I was capable of and he told me later that after hearing the concert a couple nights before, he was waiting to capture some of the “magic” that he knew I was capable of. My voice was getting tired and a little raspy, but according to the control room, it was really working for the songs, so we stuck with it…past the 10 scheduled hours to a good 12. Oh yeah…but of course, well, well worth it. I have included some of the pics from the day, and again, we have Justin and Justin. It seems to be a theme. This entire album will be engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Justin. And we are talking about three different people! When things happen like that, in threes, I always take notice…so I looked up the meaning of the name Justin. It means “just, true, upright”, so if it’s a sign, it’s a good one. I do hope that truth and justice make their mark on this album. With the barrage of fluff pop and lyrical content worshipping and degrading both men and women, money, and sex, it feels good to produce something that speaks to something a little deeper and profound. I do feel lucky to be working with the Justins – all of them have been great to work with - honest, down to earth, no airs, just a lot of passion and giftedness with music and a genuine desire to help me make the best record possible. So, there was nothing left as we walked out of the studio at 10:45 that night. We had shown up. We gave it our all. And we got what we came for.

Back in the Studio 

Headed into another incredibly busy week. Friday is pre-studio production. Saturday is rehearsal, a quick trot over to the studio to hear some early mixes of the songs to be released on the EP soon, and then a house concert with a great acoustic trio. I’m very excited about the opportunity to play some of my music with a stand-up bass and cellist and of course, my fabulous drummer and producer, Justin Johnson – can’t wait! And then Monday is another full day in the studio to lay down the next five songs that will take this project to a full album. Wahoo! I still can’t help but be excited about this. This time around, we will be laying piano tracks with the drums and I am looking forward to the creative interplay and development of the songs as we track together. Then finally Tuesday we listen to final mixes and we’re done. For this week, that is. And we catch our breath.

And so I’m off this morning to run the last of my errands. And then to run my songs another hundred times or so… alas, the more arduous part of this process…but then well worth the effort. So I will attempt to keep this post short. But do keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will hopefully report back all the tantalizing and sordid details next week!

A Swirl of Goodness 

So wow. Amazing. That’s what I’ve got to say. Who knew that in three months time I would have exceeded my first fundraising goal and have five great songs ready for mix. I never could have imagined the outpouring of support and resources to make this dream a reality and I am so incredibly grateful and humbled by the generosity of friends and strangers alike. It has made me a believer in the remarkable momentum and synergy that happens when we align ourselves with our true desires. I am having the time of my life and loving the creative process.

Due to this “swirl of goodness” as I shall deem it, I am just tickled pink to share some fabulous news with you. Because of the generosity of so many, we have the incredible opportunity to complete the full album! Yes, you heard it here first, folks. What started out as a modest plan to track an EP has blossomed into a full-fledged bona fide project. My producer, Justin Johnson, who is based out of London is in town for the month of September and we have been hard at work to finalize tracks. We are very excited about how the project is going, and after assessing our progress, we realized that we could conceivably optimize Justin's time here and go back into the studio and record the second half of the album. All of this has gone much faster than we thought and we have truly been amazed by all of the good things already swirling around the project. So after some strategizing, thought, and consultation with many of my supporters, we have decided to take the plunge - again! We hope you will come along too…and just a mere thousand or so of your closest Facebook friends!

The remarkable thing is that all of you that contribute to the project will be receiving an exclusive three song EP in October (yes, that’s soon!) and will actually get to preview the album. What's more, for your same investment, we will be delivering the full album, Sea of Tears, to you as the project and additional fundraising is completed. We think that this is the very best of scenarios and better than we dared to hope for. We trust you will think so too. And by the way, we are so excited for you to hear what we have been working on, so if you haven’t already, go ahead and help make this project a reality with your pre-sale donation. I wouldn’t want you to feel left out in the cold without your own copy of the EP when everyone else is listening to theirs by the fire. You want to be in the know, get in on the action and be part of the swirl.