We're On!

Well, I am absolutely floored at the difference a week can make. Thanks to all of of you for cheering me on and for supporting me in this endeavor. Last week I launched The Ketola Project with excitement along with the usual trepidation and fear. Was this going to work? Or was this a well-meaning if not stupid idea? I felt very much out on a limb. My producer was calling early in the week asking for dates to book the studio, and I have to admit that I was hesitant to return his phone call. That would mean we were on. We were doing this. And I was looking at the graph thinking....this is definitely going to be a leap of faith.  

But then, I was stunned, surprised, overwhelmed, and ecstatic to see over $1200 come in the very first week!  WHAAAAATT?? That IS ridiculous! Freakin' ridiculous to be exact. 

And I had no excuses to hide behind. The studio is booked. July 15th, baby. And we are doing this. For reals. I can't believe it!

If we can do that in one week, just think...

Thank you all. I am so very humbled and grateful for this opportunity.

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  • Rose
    So excited for you Jess and can't wait to hear the album!

    So excited for you Jess and can't wait to hear the

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