Beautiful Things Take Time

That’s what I keep telling myself. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This project has taken much longer than I anticipated; however, my producer assures me that this album, which has had ample time to breathe and to grow, will be well worth the wait. And now we are approaching the finish line. We only need $500 more to get the project mixed and mastered! And then we will go into the final fundraising phases of duplication and marketing of the album.

And momentum is growing. I will be at the Triple Door’s Musicquarium Lounge this Friday from 5:30 to 8 pm with a great little trio I pulled together. I am very excited for the chance to share my music with all of you Seattleites, and I am hoping that we can rally around this next final step and get the album finished up! So bring your friends and your neighbors and join me for Happy Hour this week! It should be a great time.

Beautiful things take time. And though this project may seem insignificant midst the sea of works out there, it is significant to me. It is my sweat and tears, my joy and my sorrow. And to me, the process alone has been poignantly beautiful.

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