The Ups and Downs of the Creative Process

Aug 15th…one month out from my day in the studio. And admittedly, it’s been a weird space to be in…midst the in-between of so many things. I am very excited about my project. It was an absolute blast recording, but now I’ve just been waiting while my producer has been adding instrumentation and supposedly some pretty cool mojo to the songs. And yet I’ve been relegated to the twiddling of thumbs…but not really. I’ve been hard pressed to finish my fundraising and I’ve been busy trying to book some concerts and I’ve also kept myself preoccupied with a few other projects and songwriting opportunities. But it’s been a couple days of elation brought on by the pure joy of creativity followed by a few days of melancholy, hitting walls and my own self-doubts, only to be repeated again and again. And well…that’s been the nature of my life recently. So today, I experienced a “boost” after getting off the phone with my producer and borrowing from some of his excitement, as he is in the throes of his own creative process. I can’t wait to hear the tracks, but he is torturing me by making me wait until he has more final versions. He is flying here from London in a few days and will be in Seattle next week. Then I will finally be able to hear the mixes and add my own input as well as work on some back-up vocals and such. I do truly love the creative process, even as grueling and anxiety-ridden as it can be. And I am finding some things out about myself. I don’t like the “ask” and I don’t like the “wait” (but who does). What I do love is writing, creating, composing, and singing. And it helps to keep working during the waiting, ‘cause directing that energy towards more creativity helps. And now I’ve got to get serious…this album is just about finished and I need to get the final fundraising push going so that we can get it mixed and mastered. So no time to sit around like an introspective artist examining my navel. It’s time to kick this thing into gear and push through ‘til we get ‘er done!

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