One Brave Thing A Day

One brave thing a day. One of my good friends and mentors, Linda Keeney, taught me that. She is currently writing a memoir titled One Brave Thing a Day (be sure to check out her site) that tells her story of living with the uncertainty of a medically fragile daughter by finding hope and strength in training for triathlons (and training over 200 other women, too). I was of those women. I ran in 3 half-marathons last year, and I am lucky enough to still have the opportunity to run alongside her. And as we run, we share our hearts and our lives, and the topic always ends up around…(can you guess?) the one, or two, or three brave things we’ve done or will do.

I’ve always been brave. I may not have known that about myself early in life, but as the years have rolled on bringing with them the crushing and the enlarging, the moments of glory and the moments of absolute devastation, I know this to be true about me. I’m brave. And recently, that has meant doing things that I never dreamed I would do. Regular. And often.

Big or small, it doesn’t matter. Brave moments are sometimes as subtle as making a phone call when you’re in need, extending kindness to a stranger, signing up for a class or lesson that you’ve always wanted to take, or going for a walk instead of sinking into despair. Sometimes they are bigger and more profound. Like choosing to volunteer at your favorite nonprofit, walking into your first 12-step meeting, signing up for a run or triathlon, owning your part in a failing marriage, deciding to obtain a showcase for your art, going back to school, or getting a referral for a therapist. Brave moments are about living, I mean really living. Brave moments are about continual growth. Learning, sprouting, stretching, expanding, soaring, failing, pruning, dying, just to do it all over again. Which takes courage. I have been brave this week. And what I have learned is that those things that we think might kill us, we end up surviving. One Brave Thing A Day. It’s a way of life.

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