Eye on the Ball

In the studio. Less than two weeks away. The countdown begins. My job is to perfect playing my piano parts without my loud vocalizing. So daily, I will be sitting down and running my songs from start to finish all the while singing along in my head. The trick is to have the same intensity and dynamics as I would have if I was performing live, and NOT to get lost in the arrangement. Doing the rote practice is the more mundane, not-so-fun part, but it will help to visualize myself in the studio, to keep my "eye on the ball” as they say. So what is the proverbial ball?

The Electrokitty, a local studio here in Seattle nestled in the Wallingford neighborhood, with a great ambient live room and beautiful Henry Miller upright piano, that we are hoping to get some nice vintage sounds from. With enough gear to satisfy my producer and a client list that means we will be in good company, I think it’s going to be a good day.

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