Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Dreams do come true. Of course my “dream” was what others might see as a given. Most artists do record CDs (everyone but me, that is). My whole life I’ve heard, “Jessica, you really should make an album. We want your music.” But it has taken me almost 40 years of circling round the sun or the desert or what have you, like a Moses or perhaps someone who didn’t know herself very well or more compassionately, a perfectly timed late bloomer – to be here now – seeing my first album completed. And happy does not even begin to describe it.

And while the timing couldn’t be more predictably fated, just days away from my 40th birthday, I remain undaunted in my enthusiasm. I’m a big fan of extracting meaning out of both the significant and the mundane so all this makes perfect sense to me. The cliché may be inescapable, but Lordy, if it doesn’t feel AMAZING to be here! We did it people!

One thing is for sure – there is no way I could ever have accomplished this on my own. Today as I was recounting all the people who have made this possible, I was overcome with gratefulness for the kindnesses of both friends and strangers alike. Thanks to you, Sea of Tears is now being sent to mastering and then duplication and we will have a finished product soon and very soon.

Bottom line, we have so much to celebrate! This Friday night, I will turn 40 while I belt it out at the Triple Door Musicquarium Lounge. Yes, again destiny has a way of playing out. And as if the day was lacking commensurate fanfare, my friends are flying out a videographer to capture the night and create a music video! While I am not exactly thrilled to be entering a new decade, I am ecstatic to find myself living into my desire and doing the things that I once only dreamed about. So here’s to you! Here’s to me. Here’s to a finished album, turning 40 and the launch of a career!

Come join us if you can!
Triple Door Lounge, Sep 9th 5:30-8 pm

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