Capturing the Magic

Well, it was another good, long, hard day in the studio. Though I have to admit, this time it felt far less glamorous, and much more demanding. It’s always a ton of work, but we had an incredible amount we needed to get accomplished that day, piano and drum tracks for 5 songs plus all the vocals. We started out with the instrumental tracks and tracked together. I did like the organic feel of doing it this way, and especially on a couple of songs, Justin and I felt like we came up with some really good feels. After hammering all the piano and drum tracks all afternoon, it was time to lay the vocals. My producer’s bragging about my vocal prowess with one and two takes from the last time in the studio became obsolete as I sweated it out in the vocal booth. This time, he knew what I was capable of and he told me later that after hearing the concert a couple nights before, he was waiting to capture some of the “magic” that he knew I was capable of. My voice was getting tired and a little raspy, but according to the control room, it was really working for the songs, so we stuck with it…past the 10 scheduled hours to a good 12. Oh yeah…but of course, well, well worth it. I have included some of the pics from the day, and again, we have Justin and Justin. It seems to be a theme. This entire album will be engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Justin. And we are talking about three different people! When things happen like that, in threes, I always take notice…so I looked up the meaning of the name Justin. It means “just, true, upright”, so if it’s a sign, it’s a good one. I do hope that truth and justice make their mark on this album. With the barrage of fluff pop and lyrical content worshipping and degrading both men and women, money, and sex, it feels good to produce something that speaks to something a little deeper and profound. I do feel lucky to be working with the Justins – all of them have been great to work with - honest, down to earth, no airs, just a lot of passion and giftedness with music and a genuine desire to help me make the best record possible. So, there was nothing left as we walked out of the studio at 10:45 that night. We had shown up. We gave it our all. And we got what we came for.

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