Back in the Studio

Headed into another incredibly busy week. Friday is pre-studio production. Saturday is rehearsal, a quick trot over to the studio to hear some early mixes of the songs to be released on the EP soon, and then a house concert with a great acoustic trio. I’m very excited about the opportunity to play some of my music with a stand-up bass and cellist and of course, my fabulous drummer and producer, Justin Johnson – can’t wait! And then Monday is another full day in the studio to lay down the next five songs that will take this project to a full album. Wahoo! I still can’t help but be excited about this. This time around, we will be laying piano tracks with the drums and I am looking forward to the creative interplay and development of the songs as we track together. Then finally Tuesday we listen to final mixes and we’re done. For this week, that is. And we catch our breath.

And so I’m off this morning to run the last of my errands. And then to run my songs another hundred times or so… alas, the more arduous part of this process…but then well worth the effort. So I will attempt to keep this post short. But do keep me in your thoughts and prayers and I will hopefully report back all the tantalizing and sordid details next week!

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